Bestseller - Darkener Plus 1 L

  • Bestseller - Darkener Plus 1 L

Darkener Plus 1 L

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Impregnation which intensifies colour shades extremely well. Beginning of protective effect (20°C): approx. 24 - 48 h

Weather-resistant product with a long-term effect for indoors and outdoors. Intensifies colour and structure of fine ground and polished stones. Can be coloured with AKEMI Stone Ink in order to further intensify or change the colour of the stone surface. Transports the Stone Ink dye stuff into the stone’s pore system and has a long-lasting effect. Suitable for all fine ground and polished, absorbent natural and artificial stones such as marble, slate, Solnhofen slabs, sandstone, granite, gneiss and concrete blocks.


Protecting & Impregnating: Colouring

Surface: Fine-ground, Ground, Satinated, Antique, Ground & polished

Chemical basis: Solvent-based

Method of application: Mop

Material: Natural stone, Marble and limestone, Granite, Terrazzo, Concrete ashlar

Area of application: Flooring & stairs

Concentration: Ready-to-use

Volumen 1 L