Andere Imprägnierung - Spider Black 1 L

  • Andere Imprägnierung - Spider Black 1 L

Spider Black 1 L

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Black, fast drying, solvent-containing product made of high-quality waxes and synthetic resins (free of trichloroethylene and CHC), intensifies the colour of the stone

Polishing and care product which hides micro-fissures and the spider web effect that can be seen on certain dark or black stones. Suitable for fine ground or polished natural and artificial stones, can easily be polished on and renewed if necessary. For indoor use.


Increasing of gloss: Flooring, Small surfaces

Surface: Fine-ground, Satinated, Antique, Ground & polished

Chemical basis: Solvent-based

Method of application: Felt, Lambskin, Flex, Angle grinder, Single disc machine, Machine

Material: Natural stone, Marble and limestone, Granite

Area of application: Flooring & stairs

Volumen 1 L