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Artikel 11 bis 15 von 17 gesamt

  1. Stone Cleaner Auf Lager

    Stone Cleaner

    zzgl. Steuern: 28,99 € Inkl. Steuern: 35,66 €
    Slightly alkaline, highly concentrated cleaning agent. Free of phosphates and lyes, biodegradable, foodsafe (certified by an external German testing institute) For the thorough removal of building dirt. Removes layers of stone polish and wax, slight concrete films, oil and grease, soot and tar stains, residues of synthetic paints as well as plaster on all natural and artificial stones such as marble, travertine, terrazzo, granite, brick and cotto slabs, tiles, fair-faced concrete and fine sto Mehr erfahren

  2. Akemi Algae and Moss Remover Power 1 L Auf Lager

    Akemi Algae and Moss Remover Power 1 L

    zzgl. Steuern: 37,13 € Inkl. Steuern: 45,67 €
    Fast-acting, slightly alkaline cleaner which is solventless. Immediately and thoroughly removes natural layers and discolouration caused by blossoms and leaves, bird droppings and other kinds of dirt from grave stones, walls, stone-slab footpaths and other stone surfaces such as marble, granite, concrete and other natural stones Mehr erfahren

  3. Akemi Floor Gloss 1 L Auf Lager

    Akemi Floor Gloss 1 L

    zzgl. Steuern: 53,39 € Inkl. Steuern: 65,67 €
    Aqueous product based on high-quality acrylic resin dispersions. Intensifies colour and brings shine on absorbent, fine ground or mat natural and artificial stones, s.a. granite, gneiss, slate, limestone, concrete ashlar indoors. Has a water- and dirt-repellent effect. Mehr erfahren

  4. Akemi Triple Effect - Spray 0,5 L Auf Lager

    Akemi Triple Effect - Spray 0,5 L

    zzgl. Steuern: 38,34 € Inkl. Steuern: 47,16 €
    Ready-to-use, highly effective stone care and impregnation spray. Contains modified organic compounds, combined with cleaning components which do not form layers. Natural fresh odour. Foodsafe (certified by an external German testing institute) Pumpspray for the regular care and protection of fine ground and polished natural and artificial stones (such as marble, granite and concrete ashlar). Three effects are achieved in one single operation: deep cleaning; water-, oil- and grease repel Mehr erfahren

  5. Rust Remover 1 L Auf Lager

    Rust Remover 1 L

    zzgl. Steuern: 37,94 € Inkl. Steuern: 46,67 €
    Concentrated cleaning agent, acidiferous. Free of hydrochloric acid, biodegradable Enables rust and rust stains to be removed effortlessly from acid-resistant natural and artificial stone. In addition, rusty metal inclusions in natural stone (granite) are automatically transformed with a long-term protective effect.Not suitable for limestone and other natural stones which are not resistant to acids! Mehr erfahren


Artikel 11 bis 15 von 17 gesamt



Artikel 11 bis 15 von 17 gesamt